Josh plays the part of tech geek during the day (and sometimes at night) at Amazon working on KDP and CreateSpace (he's eating his own dog food). In his paucity of spare time, he also enjoys playing music, writing books, and surfing.

Josh's first book is titled DRO2WN. It is a work of Twilight-Zone fiction; a 'life passes before your eyes when you die' sort of tale. An ounce of fantasy, a modicum of philosophy, a pinch of romance, and with lots of character driven story-telling, DRO2WN asks tough questions about what what we might change in our lives if given the chance.

The Unlikely Event is Josh's second book. It is a much different story than his first effort, firmly rooted in horror, inspired by the likes of Clive Barker and George Romero. Though the content of the plot is vastly different from his first story, a commitment to poetic prose and the creation of complex characters remains a focal point.

Josh is currently working on a non-fiction book focused on the intersection of technology and art, as well a new science fiction novel. You can follow him on Twitter @JO2shuaWright